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Movement Plans

Apart from yard topology you have to define, movement plans are the second most important thing while setting up your Yardman account.

They describe how your future visitors are moving on your yard. Each point a visitor has to visit is called checkpoint. Checkpoints are synonyms for areas you defined earlier during yard topology setup.

You can have as many movement plans as you like. They will be used for your future bookings and visits.

Adding Movement Plan to Yardman

Only the Account Admin is able to manage that. If you do not see the following options, you’re not the Account Admin.

To add a new movement plan, click Account & Settings button across the top of your account, then click Movement Plans.

Next, on Movement Plans page click the New button.

On the New Movement Plan page fill out the appropriate information, define as many checkpoints as you like, set proper durations (don’t worry, you can tune them later) and scroll down to click Create Movement plan button to add it to your account.

And you are done! You have successfully added the new movement plan to Yardman.

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